The Benefits of Using Waterjet Cutting for Metal Signage

Choosing the right technique for cutting metal for signage components is critical. There are numerous factors that should be considered before starting, such as which technique is best, the thickness of the metal that needs to be cut, precision and accuracy for the intricacies of your project’s components and whether or not any special tooling requests will be needed. But most importantly, you need to keep an eye on your project’s budget and the time constraints on getting your project done for your client.

Enter waterjet cutting. Waterjet cutting offers many benefits that most heat-based cutting techniques, such as laser or plasma cutting, cannot offer. In fact, waterjet cutting is the safest and quickest way to cut metal components, no matter the design.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting


Material constraints

High pressure waterjets are able to cut just about any material for any project, including signage components. By adding an abrasive additive to the cutting process waterjets have enough power to cut through most metals up to 5” thick. Other cutting techniques, such as plasma or laser cutting, specialize in one specific type of metal and are limited in the thicknesses of the metals that they can cut.

Heat affected zones or distortion

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process. This means there are no heat affected zones or distortion, such as melting, warping or discoloration, to your final product. Techniques like plasma and laser cutting can leave your final product misshapen or discolored. Waterjet cutting will not change the structure of your metal or leave hardening along the cut edges.

Secondary finishing

Waterjet machines are so accurate and precise that your product will be clean cut, with no burrs, and minimal kerf width on the first cut. Other cutting processes may leave your material unsightly and rough, forcing you to take an extra step to get your product touched up. These additional finishing steps add both time and money to your project’s costs.

Hazardous fumes and waste

Waterjet cutting is the most environmentally friendly and safest metal cutting method. It does not produce any hazardous vapors or fumes through the use of additive chemicals. Other cutting techniques create chemically contaminated waste through cooling or lubricating oils. Waterjet cutting uses only water. So unless your material is hazardous, like lead, then the wastewater can be disposed of properly and easily. The minimal material scraps that remain from the cutting process can be recycled and given back to you, saving you money.
Signage is crucial to the success of a business and the safety of civilians. Whether the sign is being used for corporate, commercial, directional, industrial, or other displays, clear and accurate signage is the bottom line.

With the use of a company who specializes in cutting with a CNC abrasive waterjet, you can be assured you’re providing your client with quality metalworking for the foundation of their signage. A completely CNC automated process, waterjet cutting will have all your signage component’s angles, shapes, and holes made with perfect accuracy and precision, without extra tooling or finishing costs.

Our waterjet machines utilize advanced part nesting techniques that enables us to minimize material waste, and we pass those savings directly to you. Our high speed 2-axis equipment is able to generate up to 60,000 psi to cut through metal up to 5″ thick at speeds up to 600’ /minute. We are able to create complex shapes and intricate patterns,  and fabricate parts measuring up to 144″ x 77″ at tolerances to ± 003″. We measure and verify this accuracy for each project with NIST certified measuring equipment.

Waterjet cutting is the superior solution to other cutting techniques. To see if waterjet cutting is the right option for your project, or to request a free quote, contact us at (800) 530-9051, or get in touch with our sales team at to see how Cutting Experts can help you.

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