Here at the Cutting Experts, we are leading the industry by providing clients with precision CNC waterjet cutting, CNC routing, and custom fabrication.


We are a part of every aspect of the process- from the pickup of raw materials to delivery of the finished products, our cutting-edge technology has consistently produced cutting edge results.


Understanding these processes will help you to better understand who we are, what we do, and how we can help you complete your next project.

CNC Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting technology uses a high-pressure jet stream of water to cut materials to their desired shape with extreme precision. This process is revolutionizing the cutting industry, providing smooth, polished, and finished looks free of rough edges. Learn more about the added benefits of this revolutionary process.

CNC Routing

Like waterjet cutting, CNC Routing is transforming and speeding up production in businesses across the country. Its self-automation allows for the speedy production of hundreds of projects. This process provides precision, accuracy, safety, and lowers the costs associated with typical cutting practices. The machinery can also cut numerous types of materials.

Custom Fabrication

We are also leading the field in custom metal fabrication. Cutting metals into a desired shape and product is one of our specialties. These creations can be of a variety of materials and a wide-range of dimensions. Whether you need a complete production or a part for a project, our custom fabrication is top-notch.

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Custom cutting and precision fabrication capabilities that help transform your next project.