Custom Fabrication


Does your project need custom fabrication? The word “custom” shouldn’t scare you. To us, it simply means that we will work with you to provide you with a solution that perfectly fits your project’s needs and fits within your budget. We do everything ourselves in our CNC and fabrication shop, from design, prototyping, development, metal cutting, fabrication, welding, assembly and more. Because we can do part of the process from start to finish in one location, our costs and lead times are unbeatable.


Cutting Experts uses the most advanced cutting equipment available to product the finest quality cut to size parts in the cutting and fabrication industry. Our shop includes three CNC waterjets, a CNC router and a CNC knife cutting machine. Each of these machines are easily and quickly configurable for your project’s needs no matter the material.

Our advanced production planning and CNC organizational software allows large jobs to stay on track and organized and small jobs to flow quickly through the schedule. Over the years we have processed tens of thousands of CNC jobs ranging from prototypes to very small orders, to large production orders. Our organized workflow is the key to successfully delivering your parts to you in the most efficient manner.


We specialize in built-to-order parts, no matter your project’s material needs or specifications. If you can imagine it, we can cut it.